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Concordia Employee 10-Code Access


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Welcome to Concordia!

This page allows you to retrieve your CUNE username and password information using the 10-Code that has been sent to you using US Mail.

Please enter the 10-Code from the letter you received from Concordia.

Then click on "Get Your CUNE Username and Password".

Please keep this code in a secure place.

Do not lose it.

If you change your CUNE password and then forget it you should contact the HR Office and ask that your CUNE password be reset. You can then use your 10-Code to get your new password.

If you forget your CUNE password and lose your 10-Code then you should contact the HR Office and let them know. A new 10-Code will be sent to you using US Mail to your official home address.

Note that we will not give you a password over the phone and will not send a password to you through email.

Forgetting your password and losing 10-Codes usually means a delay of several days in getting a new password. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR 10-CODE OR FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.

If you have questions or problems please contact the HR Office.
We would be most happy to help!

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